Meet the Team


Astrid Rodríguez-Acevedo, Ph.D

Founder, geneticist, and data analyst. My research evaluates the implementation of genetic technologies in the clinical setting and estimates the economic burden of disease in cancer patients.


Marcela Fernàndez,  MSc

I am a bacteriologist with a Master's degree in Human Genetics and broad experience in Marketing. I have been the scientific director of several genetic laboratories in Bogota, Colombia. Lecturer and basic researcher. I represent Huitaca in Latin America.


Bridgid Betz-Stablein, Ph.D

I am an early career research fellow with the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence for the study of Naevi. My research interests center around the application of statistical methods to medical data. I am recognized as an AStat Accredited Statistician with the Statistical Society of Australia.


Aideen McInerney-Leo, MSc, Ph.D

I am a clinician-academic whose interactions with patients have shaped my research questions and fuelled my enthusiasm for the importance of clinical research. I trained as a genetic counsellor and my research now focuses on the integration of genomics into clinical care.


Emily Shao, MD, MSc, Ph.D

I am a dermatology trainee with experience in general medicine and emergency medicine. I completed a Masters of Public Health and I am now completing a PhD thesis on skin cancer in kidney transplant recipients. I am interested in epidemiology and clinical research.


Zac  Gerring, MSc, Ph.D

I am a human geneticist and specialize in the statistical analysis of complex diseases.  My research interests involve the integration of large scale genomic data to better understand the causal mechanisms of neuropsychiatric diseases and identify molecular targets for drug repurposing.


Amit Bhoge , MD

I did a bachelor's degree in Medicine, MBBS, and I completed my MD in Pathology from India. I work as a teaching pathologist at Xavier Medical School, and as a consultant at various clinical labs. My research work is related to gastrointestinal pathologies and tumors.


Snehlata Kumari , Ph.D

I am a biomedical scientist with a strong interest in understanding the immunomodulatory processes regulating inflammation and immunity, and helping develop novel therapeutic strategies for skin inflammation and cancer. 


Carlos Aya-Bonilla  , MSc, Ph.D

My research focuses on the integration of cellular, molecular and genomic tools for a better understanding of mechanisms orchestrating tumour biology in leukaemia, lymphoma, and melanoma. 


Vivian Silva  Kahl , MSc, Ph.D

 I'm a telomere biology researcher. I contributed to the field by demonstrating telomere length's efficiency as a biomarker of human occupational risk exposure to a broad range of synthetic pesticides and nicotine in tobacco fields in Brazil. I am currently at Queensland  University of Technology (QUT) working in telomere biology in head and neck cancers. 


Patricia Agudelo-Romero, MSc, Ph.D

 My researcher focuses on elucidating the interactions of microorganisms and various hosts. I currently work at the Telethon Kids Institute, investigating host-microorganism interactions in chronic respiratory diseases.